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retroactive AAR was: [GZG] More beta ships

From: Inire <inire@y...>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:05:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: retroactive AAR was: [GZG] More beta ships

First off, when I bought the IJSF minis I had in mind
something like what I had already seen in NSL vs NAC
vs ESU vs whomever engagements: generally stand-up
fights, fleet vs fleet, with fighters playing a small
part (hampered initially by our mis-reading of the

As such, the first few engagements I played were
similarly done: ships vs ships, leaving fighters out
since I thought they were unjustly hyped and were
actually a point-suck.

Japanese ships fared poorly. I used the movement to
whatever advantage I could, but there was no 'pop out
of cover, fire, duck into cover' here: its all hanging
out in the black and light hulls combined with no
armour meant bad news. Yes, i had enough thrust in
some scenarios to pop all or most of my vessels into a
given area to combine fire/overwhelm an opponent, but
my NSL buddy was getting pretty sure (and justifiably
so) that he could simply stand anywhere on the board
and wait for me to come to him; his endurance,
sometimes with a single BB or DN, would prove to
outlive +/- 2000pt IJSF fleets. 

So i branched out into homegrown IJSF/KV hybrids using
Cold Navy ships having seen that K-guns gave my
favourite antagonist (NSL) fits. It worked.

Then I tried Vins ships and liked them a lot: they
have strong enough hulls and sufficient punch to be
able to weather more than one brushing glance against
an armoured fleet, and my NSL-guy started to get a bit
more worried.

I tweaked some of the unofficial JSF and VinShips to
come in line with what I saw work well: ammo endurance
(remove SMPs and add PTs) and slightly upped armour.
Now Mr NSL was going home irritable (understand that
while I dinna always WIN, he had grown so accustomed
to NEVER LOSING A THING that any losses made him feel

As for fighters: I'm still not sold. even MASSIVE
numbers of fighters seem to get popped willy-nilly by
Mr NSL's ADFC pickets (home-grown) and I rarely have
that certain feeling that says 'damn, now THAT is
gonna hurt him!' when using fighters.

But my whining is for naught: the KV player in our
group (Coleen, Callsign KILLSTICK) just scares us ALL
with K-guns, etc. Mr UNSC claims no worries, but who
can tell with that guy? he's always claiming to be so

--- Doug Evans <> wrote:

> ***
> and as for AARs, I posted one (i think), but I could
> probably sum up the relevant points to most of my
> meet anyone games pretty succintly.
> ***
> Prolly my poor memory as to if you had, and I guess
> simply saying 'I played
> 'em' and hated/loved would at least give him SOME
> feedback.
> Not everyone is as crit at OO/OA. ;->=
> The_Beast
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