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[GZG] Of Vehicles and Nations, Part II

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@m...>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 17:34:23 -0400
Subject: [GZG] Of Vehicles and Nations, Part II

Mr. Lerchey was not specific enough in his initial posting. 

John, to my knowledge, the only 'official mappings' might be considered
(at a stretch) the
naming conventions for the models and perhaps the ones we see stat
blocks for in the
stargrunt rulebook or that we see in pictures next to particular
miniatures in the
stargrunt rules. 

Official-ish Guestimates, based on images, prior mention in text, or
particulars of the
designers intent where it is known:

I believe we can safely say that the Phalanx is NAC. 
I believe the Gauntlet AC APC is probably either FSE or NSL, whichever
it is pictured next
to in the stargrunt rules. 
Odds are, the assault gun/casement turreted Rommel AC tank is probably
I think the various jeeps are truly generic (any nation could have them)
and the same
could be said of the trucks. 
I think the Cockroach grav tank and the cockroach APC were both designed
by Eureka for the
OUDF, who have a penchant for grav vehicles (They may have come up with
a separate name
for one or the other by now... originally, they shared a name AFAIK). 
I think the BMP-60 from Eureka is specifically for the ESU. 
There are clearly some Kravak APCs and tanks that are particularly
identified as such. 
Similarly, Savasku vehicles are clearly identified as such. 
The Hammer's Slammers tank and combat car could probably be safely
considered Dutch. 
The M-82 Slammer could be considered NSL based on images in the
Stargrunt rulebook. 

I believe that pretty much exhausts most of the official information I
am aware of. Anyone
care to contribute any others for John's 'search for official-ish

Hope that's more useful, since apparently the first attempt didn't
answer the question. 

Tom B

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