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Re: [GZG] [SG] Cracking Eggs with a Sledgehammer, was Power Armour with Shotguns

From: Brian B <brianbinor@g...>
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 08:12:21 -0700
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG] Cracking Eggs with a Sledgehammer, was Power Armour with Shotguns

Interestingly enough, a friend and I have been discussing the details
of boarding actions in another gaming setting.	One of the things we
postulated was that in any situation where a ship is likely to enter
combat any time soon, the first thing that will happen is that the
crew will suit up and depressurize the ship, to eliminate the risk of
explosive decompression from a lucky hit.  The byproduct of this would
be that almost all boarding actions would be in vac.  This might
mitigate the problems caused by unintentional holes in the wrong
places a bit, since once the action is over, you repressuirze slowly,
detect leaks and patch them.  Also, this game setting doesn't have any
artificial or anti-grav, so recoil is a big problem.  We've come up
with a few ways to pay our respects to Mr. Newton:

1. Lasers (Not mounted on fricking sharks, though).  I'm not a big fan
of them, but they make sense in this situation.
2. Mag boots.  They help, but only mitigate the problem.
3.  The high tech solution for the military is an integrated weapon
and PA suit, where the suit fires little bursts from it's thrusters to
compensate for the gun's push.

As for how rare or common boarding actions would be, I don't know
whether I agree or disagree.

On 10/6/05, John Atkinson <> wrote:
> On 10/4/05, Ryan Gill <> wrote:
> > Using shotguns, great against the swabbies on board. Two of their
> have body armor, fine, swich to grenades or SABOT slugs. 10 Gauge
Slugs will
> put a lot of energy down range. 8 Gauge rounds would do even more. A
> guarantee that a Power trooper could carry an 8 guage short barrel
> smooth bore just fine. It'd also probably do a number on a target that
> slightly armored.
> So tell me, what's the practical difference between a 4 gauge
> shotgun (computer-selectable to feed from either the flechette or the
> drums) and a light autocannon?  If a suit of PA can carry the latter
> the ESU writeup in SGII) then it should have few problems with the
> Especially if you put a muzzle brake on it, and equip the 'arm' of the
> with hydraulic recoil compensation.
> Here's the problem with boarding actions vs. PA-suited opponents or
> PA-scale weaponry:  Starships are, in general, full of things that do
> 'react well to bullets'.  Not least of which is the hull.  In the case
> merchantmen (IE those ships you'd most want to board and loot rather
> just blow into scrap metal) those hulls are probably not real heavily
> armored.  And using AP rounds, high-power heat rounds, etc is probably
> to poke holes in things that the design engineer did not intend to
> with holes in it.
> Like the skin of the ship.
> For boarding actions against merchies, I like the Traveller:TNE  Guild
> Sweeper, a low-tech submachine gun with extendable stock firing 9x24mm
> and an underbarrel 25mm low-velocity grenade launcher.  In the hands
> reasonable competent troops working against civillians, it does the
> without opening huge gaping holes in the cargo bay resulting in all
> loot being sucked into hard vacuum which may impair the resale value.
> Unlike, say, a man-portable plasma gun designed to kill light armored
> vehicles. The GL is intended for locked hatches and security doors
only, and
> is a single-shot breechloader usually loaded with HEAT rounds, issued
1 or 2
> per weapon.
> Boarding actions against military starships would be rarer than hen's
> and undertaken only by special operations forces.  I'm inclined to
> them with cutting torches in one hand, and a 12 ga shotgun loaded with
> buck in the other.  Against unarmored opponents the latter will do
> without overpenetration issues, and against armored opponents the
> makes an interesting hand-to-hand weapon.
>  I'm back from the field.
> John
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> again.  We're looking for thousands of Persians."
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