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Re: [GZG] [SG]cheese?

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 09:16:48 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG]cheese?

Roger the Books wrote on 10/04/2005 07:54:40 AM:

> The whole Power Axe thing always seemed kind of silly to me.
> Would you send a SWAT team in with an axe?  I want my marines
> carrying firearms.  If they shoot you at 6 feet you never
> get to swing
> your clumsy axe.
> That is, of course, IMNSHO.

Absolutely, but I figured it was a bit like putting wave cannon in FTII,
you see it in the genre.

Mind you, if Herbert could PSB reasons for knife fighting in Dune, I
you could explain the need of the Rosen Ritters' skill on Isenlohn, not
that I'D want to try...

By the way, in boarding actions, I'd assume that the receiving crew
be at least suited, and that, though not full PA, would be some
against standard shotgun blasts. Now, if you're going to shoot a shotgun
like some other gun, then it IS some other gun in the granularity of SG,

With a load of 00, I always figured my quick firing, short-barrelled 12
gauge was a small caliber, low muzzle-velocity machine pistol.

Course, I'se just a simple vacc-head.


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