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Re: [GZG] [SG] Power Armour with Shotguns

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 18:28:38 -0400
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG] Power Armour with Shotguns

At 6:14 PM -0400 10/3/05, Thomas Barclay wrote:
>Power armour for shipboard actions should be equiped with:
>1) Shotguns if expecting to meet unarmoured foes
>2) Plasma guns if expecting to meet armoured foes
>3) Lasers if expecting to fight in zero G or for pinpoint fire
>The problem with shotguns in the game is they get one impact rating.
>Real shotguns suck against armour, unless they can fire dragonsbreath
>(limited range, not good for the gun) or flechette. Flechettes still
>aren't the panacea people once thought either. So PA is going to be
>immune to buckshot (if not, why bother?).

Whats wrong with Sabot slugs if you need some penetration? Or if the
right gauge, small heat rounds?

Using shotguns, great against the swabbies on board. Two of their guys
have body armor, fine, swich to grenades or SABOT slugs. 10 Gauge Slugs
will put a lot of energy down range. 8 Gauge rounds would do even more.
A guarantee that a Power trooper could carry an 8 guage short barrel
automatic smooth bore just fine. It'd also probably do a number on a
target that was slightly armored.

Even so, against shotguns with shot spreaders in close quarters, unless
you've got full facial armor, full frontal neck armor and no gaps, 2-3
rounds into taking a burst, you're going to have some wounds.

At the point at which the defenders have gotten some of their team into
hard suits, then sure, standard power armor tricks are going to come
into play, but in those cases, some light grenade launchers or more
powerful weapons will be useful, but it could mean holeing the ship's
pressure hull. That could be bad for the defenders because it means any
defenders not in sealed space or in their own hard or soft suits are
going to get pulped.

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