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[GZG] [SG] Power Armour with Shotguns

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@m...>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 18:14:43 -0400
Subject: [GZG] [SG] Power Armour with Shotguns

Power armour for shipboard actions should be equiped with:
1) Shotguns if expecting to meet unarmoured foes
2) Plasma guns if expecting to meet armoured foes
3) Lasers if expecting to fight in zero G or for pinpoint fire
4) Breaching charges 
5) Electronic/Electrical lock picking/door opening gear
6) Explosive or Cutting Compound for breaching
7) Grenades - an AGL should be just about as good versus 
a crowd as an autoshotgun and gives the option of firing
DP or other sorts of multi-purpose grenades (including
possibly armour piercing)
8) IAVRs, RRs, or GMS(P) for neutralizing armoured threats
or taking out doors and equipment at a distance
9) Personal Defence Charge strips. PDC strips should allow 
essentially an opportunity or interupt attack vs. anyone engaging
you in close combat. They should be using plastic flechettes, so
as to provide no change of penetration vs. wholly armoured targets.
Unarmoured targets... ouch. 

The problem with shotguns in the game is they get one impact rating.
Real shotguns suck against armour, unless they can fire dragonsbreath
(limited range, not good for the gun) or flechette. Flechettes still
aren't the panacea people once thought either. So PA is going to be
immune to buckshot (if not, why bother?). 

Engineering and DamCon versions of PA would come equipped with advanced
penetrating sensors, radar detectors, lights, transmitters of various
types, medical kits (their may even be a medic version of PA with less
armour and more servo to move patients). The engineering versions would
have greater strength, but be slower - they can lift and tear down
Plus they'd have a PTO with all sorts of add ons - rotary cutters,
saws, laser cutters, water blades, you name it. The engineering versions
well be minimally or completely unarmoured, just given atmospheric
and they'd probably be electrically insulated too. And they'd have
they could use a HUD to view, for recce amidst smashed ship segments -
about the size of a loaf of bread or smaller, maybe even amorphous ones
ones capable of shape reconfiguration on the fly to get through tight

There's some thoughts for PA on ships. 

I'm hoping one day that the Los, Magic, Kr'rt and I can put on a good
boarding action at an ECC with all these sorts of features worked in,
various types of PA appear and have different sorts of character. But
a ways off yet. 


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