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[FT]Re: [SGII] An observation upon Star Wars, Episode III

From: Inire <inire@y...>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 10:51:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [FT]Re: [SGII] An observation upon Star Wars, Episode III

agreed on garish plant-life. weird scene.

also from an FT validation standpoint, the scene where
many vessels of large size are going head to

was a better movie than eps 1&2, but given their (IMO)
excrable quality Ep 3 could hardly miss. 

--- John C <> wrote:
> Having seen the last Star Wars movie last night,
> there was one scene in 
> particular that struck me.
> I'll be vague with my spoilers here.	Just after a
> certain order was given, 
> we saw a female Jedi, riding a speeder bike through
> an alien landscape.
> Now, the minute I saw said landscape, I started
> laughing.  Much to my wife's 
> mystification.
> It looked exactly, EXACTLY, like any number of SF
> miniatures games that I've 
> played.  The plantlife that the bikes were speeding
> through looked like 
> precisely like the sort of cheap aquarium plants
> that are so common on 
> gaming tables, oversized flowers and all.  It looked
> a little prettier than 
> the sort of thing that most of us can manage, but
> still.  I felt oddly 
> validated by that scene.
> (Movie in general, not bad.  Lots of lightsabers and
> explotions, which made 
> my inner 12 year old very happy indeed.  Lots of
> gaming fodder, for those so 
> inclined.)
>   John Crimmins

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