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Fighter Rules - Attacking Fighters

From: J L Hilal <jlhilal@y...>
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 06:41:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Fighter Rules - Attacking Fighters

Part 4: Attacking Fighters

  These rules use "Defense levels" as the primary way to distinguish
effectiveness of attacks, although some DRMs are retained from MT. 
Defense levels are equal to the effectivness of beam dice against
vaious levels of screens.

DL 0 = unscreened
DL 1 = screen level 1
DL 2 = screen level 2
DL 3 = pree-FB screen level 3
DL 4: 1-5 = no hits, 6 = 1 hit but no re-roll

if the total of defense levels >4, then there is no effect.
rerolls against fighters are made at the same DL as the initial roll,
not at DL0.

  Defensive fire is of two types: Point Defense and Anti-Ship Weapon

  PDSs may fire at any fighter group or ordnance marker within 6mu,
regardless of the activities of the fighters.  PDS may fire at any
fighter group or ordnance marker which is attacking the ship on which
the PDS is mounted.  No FCS or ADFC is needed.
  Point defense fire is fully effective against targets out to 6mu. 
between 6mu and 12mu, targets are treated as if they had +1 DL; from
12mu to 18mu, targets are treated as +2 DL, etc.  Range is measured
from the firing ship to the target group.

Range	PDS Effectiveness
0-6	  Normal
6-12	   +1 DL
12-18	   +2 DL
18-24	   +3 DL
24-30	   +4 DL

  ADFCs have two modes of operation: Escort and Area Defense
  An Escort-mode ADFC will allow any number of PDS from the ship it is
mounted upon to engage any fighter group or missile volley attacking a
single friendly ship within 6mu.  Multiple ADFCs will allow a ship to
split its ADFC-PD fire among multiple ships, 1 ship defended per ADFC,
in addition to defending itself as per the normal PDS rules.
  An AD-mode ADFC will allow a ship to extend the range at which its
PDS may engage any fighter group or ordnance marker by +6mu.  Each
additional ADFC on the same ship in AD mode increases this radius by
  Ships with multiple ADFCs may determine the mode (and defended ship)
individually for each ADFC in use.

  B1s may be used in PD mode as described in FB1.  In this mode it may
engage targets as a PDS, but treats fighters as +2 DL at all ranges.

  Scatterguns may chose fighter targets in the same manner as described
for PDS, with augmentation by ADFCs as for PDS.
  S-Guns have 6mu RBs like PDS.  They do 1d6 as described in FB2, with
a -1 per full RB.  Thus:
Range	S-Gun Effectiveness
0-6	  Normal
6-12	   -1
12-18	   -2
18-24	   -3
24-30	   -4
30-36	   -5

Pulsars in PD mode are treated exactly as PDs, but with limited fire

  Escorting fighters may select targets for ranged PD fire in the same
manner as basic PDS.  Resolve the fire in the PD Phase, using the
methods described for fighter ranged attacks.
  Escorting fighters that engage in neither PD fire nor interceptions
may declare ranged fire against fighter, ship, or ordnance targets. 
These are resolved at the time their ship is activated with the methods
described for fighter ranged attacks.

  A-S weapons may fire upon any fighter groups within their range
normally during their ship's activation, whether they are attacking the
ship they are mounted on or not.  Each group so targeted requires a
FCS, just like a ship target.

  Weapons that roll beam dice figure the number of dice rolled as
normal against any other target.  Beam Weapons treat fighter groups as
if they had an additional defense level for each size class of the
beam.  i.e. a B1 treats fighters as +1 DL, B2 as +2 DL, etc.
  Pulsars treat fighters as +1 DL if set C, +2 DL if set M, and +3 DL
of set L.  Pulsars in PD mode operate exactly like a PDS, as described
  SV Stingers treat fighters as +1 DL per range band, so +1 Dl in 1st
RB, +2 DL in 2nd RB, etc.

  K-Guns increase the target number by +1 per class, e.g. a K2 adds +2
to the target number in all range bands.  
  PTLs increase the target number by +1, and +1 per class, e.g. a PTL
adds +1 to the target number in all range bands, a PTL/2 adds +2, etc.
  All TH roll weapons hit only one fighter, regardless of normal damage

  At point blank range, PDS are much more effective.  In this
situation, add +1 to the roll of each die in the same manner as an
Interceptor fighter.
  At point blank range, Class 1 batteries are more effective than
normal.  In this situation, they score hits from their dice rolls
against fighters as normal beam dice.
  At point blank range, AS weapons figure their effectiveness the same
as at 1mu range, but all weapons may fire, regardless of arc.

  SMs may be fired on exactly as fighters.  PSB is that their smaller
size is countered by their lack of sentient-controlled evasion.
  We don't use PBLs, but treat Narn E-Mines in the same way as fighters
and SMs.  <shrug>


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