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Re: [CON] ECC VIII Preregistration starts December 1st

From: Dances With Rocks <kochte@s...>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 06:12:26 -0500
Subject: Re: [CON] ECC VIII Preregistration starts December 1st

Jon Davis wrote:
> Notice for ECC Preregistration
> What:   Ground Zero Games East Coast Convention VIII
> When:   February 25 - 27, 2005
> Where:  Hotel Brunswick, Lancaster, PA
> Special events:
> Stuart Murray's CineGrunt game - A Small Matter of the Bonus?
> A painting seminar by Rick Rutherford on Saturday morning.
> FMA Sheep III - "The Quest for the Soul of Tom Baa-clay"
> The Weight of Command by Los - A special StarGrunt event


Los' scenario does not appear on the schedule. 


> Convention URL:
> Signups URL:
> ECC VIII Preregistration will begin on December 1st.
> We have a number of Ground Zero Games miniatures that we
> will be used for door prizes at the convention. This year
> we'll have 15mm, 25mm, 6mm and starship figures for
> your selection.
> The order in which I obtain your preregistration information
> on December 1st will determine the order you choose your
> figure from the selection.  If I receive your preregistration
> prior to December 1st, I will flip the time from 12:01 AM
> Dec. 1st.  Thus a November 30th, 9:00 PM e-mail will be
> treated as a 3:00 AM Dec. 1st e-mail.
> For pregistration, please send to davisje (at),
> the following information:
>    Name:
>    Address:
>    City:
>    State/Province:
>    Zip/Postal:
>    Country:
>    Phone:
>    Email Address:
>    Events you wish to play:
>    Ship image for your convention badge: NAC,ESU,FSE,NSL,KV,IF,SV,PH,
>					   NI, IJN
> Convention golf shirts will be available, as in previous years.
> They cost $15.  Please let me know your size if you want one.
> Payment of the $25 preregistration fee may be made by check or
> Paypal.  As in previous years, volunteers and gamemasters will
> receive a $5 rebate at the conclusion of the convention.  Due
> to the banking fees associated with international checks,
> Canadian attendees are encouraged to use Paypal or pay the
> preregistration fee at the door in US currency.  E-mail Jon Davis
> davisje (at) if you have any questions.
> A few time slots are available for additional scenarios
> and gaming events.
> Check payable to:  GZG East Coast Convention
>		     1415 Rocco Drive
>		     Schenectady, NY 12303
> Thanks and we'll look forward to seeing you in February!
> Jon Davis

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