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Re: Reflagging (and re-painting) minis

From: KH.Ranitzsch@t... (K.H.Ranitzsch)
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:53:37 +0100
Subject: Re: Reflagging (and re-painting) minis

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From: "Noam Izenberg" <>

> I will be spending Too Much Money on GZG NI minis in the near future,
> to (re)build my fleet. For good or ill, I have a sizeable (for me)
> NI-flagged fleet made of Brigade Minis. Re-flagging them by general
> shape not really too much of a problem, some of them have in FSE-ish
> planforms, some are NSL-ish, etc.
> The real problem is that I like the paint jobs on many of them (or at
> least I don't think I could do much better with a clean slate), but
> NI insignia and hebrew letters on them will be inappropriate. They are
> usually white letters/symbols on the darker (blue mainly) paint job.
> I'm pretty sure any attempt to paint over the white would be garishly
> noticeable. Are there recourses that don't involve stripping and
> re-painting?

I suppose the characters/signs are painted rather than decals ? Decals
possible still be solvable in water plus detergent, though this is
if you have varnished them.

Overpaint the whole symbol area first in white, to lessen the background
contrast, then in blue or whatever.

How large are the symbols ? Could you cover them with panels in
colours ? Or with some decals ?

Sand away the paint from that area ? Paint or leave the bare metal as
"repaired battle damage".

Or disguise them by "camouflaging" parts of the ship with white lines
wiggles, like many German planes in WWII were. Here is an example:

Cover with additional "Space ship modules", gun turrets, Antenna domes,
fighter pods...

However, do you really want the ships of several nations in similar
paintjobs ?

Karl Heinz

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