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Re: [GZG Fiction] Seventy Dead after Freighter Accident

From: "Jim Morrison" <Ajax.Dive@b...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:38:49 -0000
Subject: Re: [GZG Fiction] Seventy Dead after Freighter Accident

This from memory so the details will be hazy and I can't remember any of
names right now, but in the episode of B5 with michael york as the guy
thought he was king Arthur, they showed him firing the Prometheus' (was
the right ship) main battery causing the minbari war and I'm definate it
showed him wearing some sort of pressure suit. most of the shots inside
vessels appear to be areas that would be well inside the hull, and if
bits are exposed to space then the ship is probaly well out of service.

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Subject: RE: [GZG Fiction] Seventy Dead after Freighter Accident

They don't show crew in armor much in SF
movies, but I suspect that is primarily actor protest at the discomfort,
the cost of making props.  B5 is the worst offender, since the EA ships
not have "structural integrity fields" ala Star Trek. And when they
the shredding is usually phenomenal, making an armored suit a valuable
>From: Ground Zero Games <>
>Subject: RE: [GZG Fiction] Seventy Dead after Freighter Accident
>Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:19:03 +0000
>>I read something on the NASA site a long time ago about operations in
>>low-pressure environments. Not vacuum, but quite low.
>>With breathing systems, that would get rid of a lot of the potential
>>from fire and explosive decompression.
>>I'll see if I can find the link...
>>>  This is certainly a valid assumption - _if_ the vacc suits are good
>>>  enough that you don't lose massive amounts of dexterity while
>>>  them. This is not true of current zero-atmosphere pressure suits;
>>>  personally I think it's a reasonable assumption for the fairly near
>>>  future, but not everyone agrees with me.
>>>  Also consider the practicalities of trying to give someone first
aid in
>>>  zero pressure. Suddenly a small splinter causes a potentially fatal
>>>  wound.
>>Edward Lipsett
>>Fukuoka, Japan
>For what it's worth, I'd envisaged most of the non-essential and/or
>outboard compartments being vented before battle, but atmosphere
>in the more vital and occupied inner sections to allow easier and less
>tiring crew operations; during actual combat, most crew are in light
>suits to protect against decompression of vital ship areas due to
>damage. Damage Control parties, who regularly work in the depressurised
>most dangerous areas of the ship while enemy fire is still incoming,
are in
>much heavier vacc suits virtually equivalent to Power Armour - but
>with flexibility and manual dexterity taking priority over extreme
>protection - they would have enough to protect against smaller flying
>debris, heat etc., and against being thrown into bulkheads and
>when the ship's combat antics temporarily overload the
>Note that none of this is supposed to be especially "accurate", just to
>have a good feel for game background and fiction possibilities...
>Jon (GZG)

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