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Re: DS II - Unit sizes?

From: Tony Francis <tony@b...>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:44:48 +0000
Subject: Re: DS II - Unit sizes?

John K Lerchey wrote:

>The images helped greatly in clarifying even further.	However, and
>forgive my ignorance here, I was looking at two sources recently
>of which are with me in the office).  A copy of Fine Scale Modeller
>an article on Iraqie tank units.  The tanks were given large colored
>boxes, triangles, etc. on the backs and sides of turrets to show which
>platoon and company they were in.  Likewise, in the Vanguard book on
>Bradleys, there are some color plates showing a large chevron (inverted
>on the side of one of the hulls.
>These are generic enough that I think I can make reasonable decal sets
>them.	The items like blue over green boxes with a "44" in it, and
>branch/arms markers may be too "nation specific" to do for sci-fi
>unless someone comes up with sets specific to the NAC, FSE, etc.
For nation specific stuff like this, I use 15mm historical markings from

WW2 decals (the particular marking you're talking about is after all a 
WW2 sign) such as those sold by My future-German

forces (not NSL, as I play my SG2 games in a different universe) have 
crosses taken from their WWI aircraft ranges eg the Baldur tanks in

Presumably you're talking about 25mm markings ? Any chance of 15mm as
well ?


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