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Re: [FT] New Kra'Vak

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 22:51:20 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] New Kra'Vak

Hugh Fisher wrote:

> >Lots of human nations have combined forces against the Kra'Vak,
> >fighting in mix-nation task forces, and several of the minor human
> >buy warships from more than one major supplier. Why wouldn't the
> >clans combine forces against the humans, or buy ships from one
another? If
> >they do, would humanity be able to tell the different KV clans apart?
>  I'm sure the Kra'Vak clans would combine against the humans,
>  but in some? many? cases it may not be any more harmonious than
>  the NAC and ESU! "Once we've dealt with these disgusting hairy
>  creatures your entire clan are history pal!" "Oh yeah?" ...

Sure. But since all humanity knows about the KV so far are the ten years
fighting against them when they have mostly been united, the "official" 
background says virtually nothing about them.

>  As for telling them apart, IMHO the centre line designs DO look
>  quite different to the current Kra'Vak.

Just like the FSE SC, CT, FF and newest DD (the FT425 Hydra) look very 
different from all other FSE ships; and also just like the ESU BC, BB,
and CVL have a distinctly different look than the lighter ESU ships -
the two ESU super-heavies have a third very distinct style all of their 
own. Why should the KV clan or clans on the human-Dominion border have a
much more homogenous and unified ship design style than two of the major

human powers? Why can't they have two or three distinctly different
in a single navy too, like these humans do?

>We've already got five 'official' human fleets and more on the way,
>with their
>own characteristics. I know it's a science fiction cliche (for
>anyway) that aliens are all homogenous and unified, unlike the diverse 
>humans, but it's not compulsory :-)

I don't question that the KV are split up into multiple clans - indeed,
explicitly says that they are. I *am*, however, seriously questioning
need for explicitly describing all of those clans in an official Fleet 
Book; I'd much rather let each player create his/her own designs and 
kit-bash/convert/scratch-build/sculpt his/her own models to represent



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