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Re: DS II - Unit sizes?

From: Ryan Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:55:44 -0500
Subject: Re: DS II - Unit sizes?

At 2:56 PM -0500 1/28/04, John K. Lerchey wrote:
>Ryan Gill just sent me an excellent document detailing how the WWII 
>British designated units.  From this, what I'm looking to create is 
>"tacsigns". These would be squares, chevrons, circles, squares, or 
>triangles, in varying colors, with some designation of 1-5 within 
>I just thought it would be worth clarifying, now that I know the 
>right terminology. :)

Well, there's tac signs, divisional flashes and arm of service 
flashes. It gets complicated...let me see if I can find a good photo 
to detail this as an example.


Daimler Armored Car:

Green over blue box (Recce) 44 indicates its from an Armored Car 
regiment (attached to an armored division)
The Shield with the Eye of Horus is Guards Armored Division. Some 
Armored Cars had Tac Signs, others didn't. It depended on unit policy.

Bren Carrier
Green over blue box (Recce) 41 indicates its from an Infantry 
Division's Recce Regiment. The Black Box w/ white ring/yellow field 
and red Rampant Lion is 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division.

Daimler Dingo (my own!)
Same as the carrier, but note that Armored Cars had F series 'WD' 
numbers for serial numbers. Carriers and tanks had T series 'WD' 
numbers. Trucks bikes and other vehicles had other 'WD' Numbers. Some 
Dingo's had tac signs on the area behind the side window, 15 scottish 
did not.

A Cab 12 (Monkey face) CMP Truck
The Brown square and 67 indicate its from the 1st Battalion from the 
junior brigade of an infantry division. However, it's got a Red 
Desert Rat's Divisional  symbol (7th Armored Divison). The Yellow 
disk with a 3 is the bridge weight marker.

Churchill tank
Mid Green Block w/ 993 (141 Royal Armoed Corps) with Blue Tac Signs 
on the turrets)

Another Churchill tank
This presents a question. If it were with the Scottish Guards it'd 
make sense with the Blue Tac Sign, however, I'm not certain of it's 
correct Arm of service flash as it's a 163 on a red background. 
Perhaps the Guards Armored Division as that'd make sense with a 
Churchill in an Irish tank Regiment.

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