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Re: [CON] GZG East Coast Convention

From: agoodall@a...
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 15:37:51 +0000
Subject: Re: [CON] GZG East Coast Convention

> I am not sure if that answer was cocky, humorous or stupid; in the St.
> Louis at  the airport definitely the latter.	You WILL be arrested and
> charged.  Ditto the R.A.Y. building - federal employees including
> immigration and, IIRC, the IRS.  No sense of humor at all.  Perhaps
> understandably.  Made me turn on my Cell Phone... to make sure it
> WAS a cell phone.

The first thing I thought of was, "How did he get away without being 
arrested?" They take things very seriously at the airport. So seriously
if we ever fly anywhere with our oldest, we'd be tempted to duct tape
mouth shut before hand.

They made me turn on my Palm PDA to show that it worked, too. Then they
it through the x-ray machine, which apparently showed it was nothing
than a screen and circuitry.

The worst thing to happen to me at customs was in Scotland in 1992. I
shot a 
roll of Kodak black and white infrared film while in the Orkneys. This
gives a black and white image, but heat sources come out bright and cold

objects (such as the sky) come out dark. This stuff is very susceptible
heat and light. I loaded the camera in a make-shift "dark bag" made from
jacket and a fleece sweater, it's that sensitive. When I got to the
on the way home I figured it would be wise not to send it through the
machine. I stupidly handed over to a Customs guy to hand inspect. Of
he opened the container marked "do not open except in total darkness"
looked at it. Then he threw it in the x-ray machine. Geez. When I got it

developed, the images were badly fogged. I did manage to "fix" one or
pictures. Next time I'll just get the film developed in whatever country
in and take the prints home.

(If you're interested in seeing one of the repaired pictures, you can
see it 

Allan Goodall

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