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Re: Kids at GZG ECC?

From: warbeads@j...
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:42:09 -0600
Subject: Re: Kids at GZG ECC?

Roger, that, Beth!  

After several thefts of boxes of figures at local cons the old SCA'er in
me commented that  you could lose a hand digging through other people's
boxes unasked.	Some people are not sure I am kidding.	I like the
uncertainty in "those" minds.  <serious face>  And I can neither confirm
or deny that I am or am not joking.  <end of serious face> LOL!

But although the loss was traumatic for me as one of the (smaller)
victims, I much rather fear leaving stuff behind (I did once, Park
Service apparently threw it away) or people breaking things (I break
enough of my own thank you...) that I now have stuff on the table or
locked up in the car.


On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 10:10:10 +1100 <> writes:
>> I wasnt thinking of the for-kids terrain & blocks, I was 
>> thinking of the not-for-kids gear lying around. 
>That really depends on the kid... well person of any age in my 
>experience. My kids (even Mei at 2) know to look but not touch whereas 
>I've had guys in their 50s maul figs without a thought for what they 
>were doing. As for concentration spans, Lachy (nearly 10) would be 
>fine all day, Janneke (7) would be good for about 2 hours and Mei (2) 
>would be happy rolling dice for about 1/2 an hour. So once again 
>depends on the kid.

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