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RE: Kids at GZG ECC?

From: agoodall@a...
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 16:34:30 +0000
Subject: RE: Kids at GZG ECC?

> I'd be happy with Lego pirates, but bear in mind that the time slots
are 4
> hours long. 

For games, I was thinking of an hour to 90 minute long scenario,
that doesn't take up too much time. Not sure what to do with the little 
critters beyond that, other than perhaps have some modelling events
clay or just a whole bunch of other legos), or what.

I don't think a convention is going to be of much interest to anyone
under 13 
for any length of time. The idea was to have some kid themed games so
they wouldn't feel out of place at the convention. If one parent is
and another is keeping the kids busy, it would give the parent with the
some time off.

> I brought my son a couple of years ago--he was, IIRC, 13 at
> the time--and he did okay for about the first hour or 90min of an
> but then he got bored.

I'll admit that I've become bored in some FT convention games after the
hour to 90 minutes. I think the trick with kids is to have a really
down game system so that the action is fast and furious, or to keep the 
number of players down so that each kid doesn't have to wait too long to
> I'd also be worried about minis and terrain lying around.  I usually
> mine in a case on the floor, and it would be easy for a 6 year old to
> into.

That's true, though not a major problem with the Mega Bloks, as they
their own terrain.

Allan Goodall

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