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Kids at GZG ECC?

From: agoodall@a...
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 14:58:43 +0000
Subject: Kids at GZG ECC?

Out of curiousity, how many people are going to bring kids (let's say,
13) to the ECC? Noam mentioned bringing Zev along, who is 6. Was anyone
thinking of taking kids? Would there be people who would take kids along
they knew there were games for them?

It's not possible for me to make it there this year, but I might be able
attend next year. The reason I'm asking is that, depending on the
weekend, I 
would be bringing a 6 year old next year (Logan just turned 5). I sold
fantasy 25mm figures on eBay this year, but Target had a number of sets
Mega Bloks on deep discount. I now have a number of orcs and knights
that I 
plan to use for playtesting FMAS as well as playing games with Logan. It

occurs to me that they would make great figures for kids games at a 
convention. I was just curious if there would be enough interest to
some serious game designing, potentially for next year?

Note that I'm sure that adults would enjoy these games, too. For those
don't know, Mega Bloks are a Lego-compatable building block system. They
an interesting aesthetic, though. The Dragon line comes with castles,
ships, and a Vorgan (read "orc") stronghold. These look _very_ cool. I
bought a number of their "Alien Agency" sets, which were on _serious_ 
discount. These I plan to use in Delta Green, a roleplaying game about
Cthulhu Mythos and UFO conspiracies. They could also be used for FMAS.
some point I plan to get at least one of the warships from the Dragon
and I already have a scenario in mind.

I'm just trying to gauge whether or not a kid game track would be of 
interest. Or, for that matter, if adults wouldn't mind playing with
(which is sort of what we do all the time, anyway).

Allan Goodall

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