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[FT] New Kra'Vak

From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:21:36 +1100
Subject: [FT] New Kra'Vak

The 'Fleet Book 4' web site created by Alan Brain has the
specs for some new Kra'Vak ship models. Are these the start
of a second Kra'Vak nation/culture as speculated about

If not, I suggest that the single main gun cruisers (not
the battleship) *ought* to be the start of a new fleet and
not mixed in with those from FB2. They look sufficiently
different to be from a major clan grouping or perhaps even
a second Dominion.

The new 'spinal mount' design style is presumably to carry
one bigger K gun instead of a pair, and strengthen the all
round fire. Applying this to other Kra'Vak designs you could

Da'Kak/Di'Tok equivalents: one K3, extra K1.

Vo'Bok/Si'Tek: one K4, extra K1. Or perhaps (gasp) a couple
of points of armour? The light ships in a small battle may
spend a lot of time pinging away with K1s while circling for
position, and a bit of armour would help.

Va'Dok: one K6, extra K1 for a dedicated strike ship, or one
K5, two extra K1, extra scattergun for a general purpose
heavy cruiser.

Ti'Dak/Ko'Vol: one K6 and pair of 2-arc K2.

Do'San/Ko'San: K6 and three more K1, or perhaps K5 and three

Lo'Vok: replace all four heavy K-guns by a K6, a second
hangar, and pair of 2-arc K2.

Yu'Kas: Hmm. One K20? :-) Maybe the new Kra'Vak just don't
have ships this big.


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