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Re: [CON] GZG East Coast Convention

From: Indy <kochte@s...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 07:54:22 -0500
Subject: Re: [CON] GZG East Coast Convention

John C wrote:
> Speaking of which....
> I was speaking to the manager of my FLGS the other day (Abington Games
> Hobbies, just outside of Philadelphia), and he mentioned that he was
> to be attending GZGECC as a dealer. 

He is? Okay, cool. I didn't know. 

> And so I told him, in the spirit of
> pleasing as many people as possible, that I would ask the list what
kind of
> items they would like to see him bring to the show.
> Al of the GZG stuff that he has, obviously, will be coming along. 
> with Armorcast, and JR Miniatures, and dice and such...but what other
> would the attendees like to see?  And buy?

He is aware that Jon T of GZG will be coming and bringing his bag of
GZG stuff, as well? Not that I know how MUCH Jon will be bringing, just
that he will have along.

What does he have in the way of terrain? I'm looking mostly for
stuff in the 15mm to 6mm scale. Also, any GHQ WWII stuff? Buildings?


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