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Re: Trek Doomsday Machine

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 08:43:55 +1100
Subject: Re: Trek Doomsday Machine


More from Brian ;)



> Brian Bilderback,Beth Fulton,
> Thanks for passing that along.Neat idea for a homemade mini.

>I made mine as a counter since I dont own minis,though....

*stopping my ears*  I'm not listening.... La la la la la.....

> was able to find
some neat hi-quality pics of it at

Yup, followed the thread in the archives.

> Copied the images,shrunk image down to size of 1 inch counters,printed
on my deskjet,glued to cardstock,cut out....dont get any cheaper than

Woo Hoo!

> The Beast wrote:

> As an aside on the making of models, several of the images look almost
crystalline. Sheathing in cello tape might work. Also, the figure looks
be a series of stepped cylinders shaved to small, flat plains. Might
SOMEONE an idea for construction...

Both good ideas.  as for the stepped cyliner thing, maybe an internal
coil-like framework could be used to address that.

As an aside, I was curious how people who use FT to play in the ST
deal with the fact that in ST, ships can manouver and fight while FTL?

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