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my FT Trek designs and more

From: <bail9672@b...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 03:18:50 -0500
Subject: my FT Trek designs and more

I don't even know if I have those particular designs any more.	Change
of computers, deleting old designs for new ones, etc.  I've lots of
others, though; most being larger than most people would design as our
average ship sizes run around the 160 mass mark.  Most of my Trek
"cruisers" average about 124-144 mass.	It's about where I can fit all
the weapons that the ships seem to have (i.e., more than 1 torpedo
launcher, a few beams as phasers, a shield=screen-1, MD 4).  Frigates
tend to run at 64 mass (a favorite is the "Klingon F5": 1 pulse torp 3
arcs forward, 3 class-2 beams all arcs, 1 screen-1, 2 FC, 1 PD, MD 4,
5 armor, average hull.. they take a beating and deliver one as well).

What I've done a lot of are Kra'vak-style ships.  Love the weapons,
except for the arcs and opponents using advanced drives on every ship.

I've got a few B5 ships, Shadows, Whitestars, 1 Narn, 1 Vorlon, in
various configurations.

And then there is the cheese.  Someone dared us to make a 1000 mass
ship, cost doesn't matter, and see which is the best.  Savasku, of
course, 500 power, with a top MD of 25, and I think firing out to at
least 12 FEET.	Two other designs: 77 fighter squadrons or the MD 8
with 12 beam-5s firing out to the side (with 40 scatter guns and 20 PD
in case those 77 fighter squadrons get close.. but they won't). All
have fragile hulls.   :D


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