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[FT-ish] Mechboys vs. RoboDad

From: "Izenberg, Noam" <Noam.Izenberg@j...>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:12:52 -0500
Subject: [FT-ish] Mechboys vs. RoboDad

Or: another FT-Jr. conversion with Giant Robots.

Here is a little rainy sunday quasi-AAR for FT Giant-Robot-for-kids
This is a game I played with Zev (6) and Benjamin (3.75) using lego
We used my starmat, and no terrain, though that may come at a later

The biggest changes to FT (2.5) I made for the converstion were fore
movement. I took a piece of standard (8.5x11") construction paper and
made a
template for movement. Each robot rolled initiative, and movement was
in initative order (so it was generally better to 'lose' initiative, but
didn't press the point for the boys). A robot could walk anywhere within
template, and turn to face any direction, _or_ a robot could jump
ahead (or fly, for Benjamin) twice as far as it could walk. After all
movement was completed, you could turn your robot up to 90 degrees in
direction (to keep from sneaking behind).

Some images of the game can be found at the bottom of my Quick and Dirty
Mini Page:

I tried to keep the weapon and system mix pretty straightforward and
All robots had 2 Firecons, Walker engines ('MD4'), A Jump rocket (FTL),
Level 1 screen, 6 Armor and 24 Hull.
The The Yellow Robot (Robot Benjamin) had a Lasergun (2B3-FH), Targeting
laser (1B1), and a PowerSword (1PulserC-FH), 
Red Robot (Robot Zev - the boys have a ways to go in the naming
had a Multigun (1B3-FH+1PulserC-FH), a Missile Launcher (1Ptorp-FH), and
Targeting Laser. 

RoboDad: I was the Green robot, and I had two Missile Launchers
Targeting Laser, and RocketPunches (2PulserM FH). Plus, because I was a
going up 1 vs. 2, I gave myself a Shield, - basically 12 more points of
armor (it didn't matter in this game, but it was two rows of Phalon

The game was pretty quick and simple - we closed by jumping and walking,
then turned as best we could and slugged/slashed/blasted it out. I
try to keep distance to take advantage of the pulser M's and paid for it
dying pretty quickly. Benjamin enjoyed rolling his 13 laser/sword dice
could barely fit in his hands) all at once. Zev liked scoring 5's and
with his missiles. The turn we managed to close within 24 MU, they blew
Shield away and I poked at their armor. By the time I was two hull away
death, I'd gotten two thresholds on Robot Zev and one on Robot Benjamin
given myself a further rule to divide my fire between the two opponents
evenly as possible). A good time was had by all.

I'd like to play with some obstacles to get around or jump on top of
next. I
would consider amending the rules to allow a Jump backwards as well, and
there are all kinds of other tweaks you could add for robot combat. But
all-in-all, the game was not too complicated or too long for Bnejamin,
was a change of pace for Zev, who played Full Thrust Jr. with me


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