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Trek Doomsday Machine

From: "Mark & Staci Drake" <markandstaci@c...>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 04:07:39 -0600
Subject: Trek Doomsday Machine

Brian wrote,via Beth:

>Here's something Brian Bilderback asked me to pass along for him



From: Brian Bilderback []

Since I can no longer post to the list, would you do me a favor and post
suggestion to Mark Drake for me (I still follow the archives)?

For the ST Doomsday Machine, it seems like a simple painted papier-mache
cone with a bit of Christmas tinsel for the core would be quite
and darned easy!

Brian Bilderback,Beth Fulton,
Thanks for passing that along.Neat idea for a homemade mini.
I made mine as a counter since I dont own minis,though....was able to
some neat hi-quality pics of it at
Copied the images,shrunk image down to size of 1 inch counters,printed
it on
my deskjet,glued to cardstock,cut out....dont get any cheaper than that!
Able to make 3 different counters from three of the images of the
Machine,each counter representing the status of it:moving,firing its
beam,and exploding (see jpeg's 32,33,and 87 at above link.)

Also found a good pic of USS Defiant to do the same with. Now just need
find pics of Dominion/Breen ships to try and do same......

Thanks again,
Mark Drake

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