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Re: India, GZG-style - where's the aliens?

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 12:15:45 +1100
Subject: Re: India, GZG-style - where's the aliens?

G'day guys,

> Beth has several exotic aliens on one of her
> pages...<cue Beth with URL>

Laserlight's wish is my command (with in very restricted bounds of
reason before I find myself painting up a division of IF!):

My GZGverse spin off is at

(Unfortunately I haven't had time to implement any of the changes to
fonts etc people suggested, sorry about that).

Briefly the aliens are:
Bâzvô - A spongiform species, they require the critical mass of a
"colony of polyps" to express human equivalent intelligence via a hive
mind. If you lie between them and their goal then you are attacked
otherwise you're ignored.

Gaonahe - Isolationist arthropoids who use colour to communicate and
rely on artificially intelligent robotic drones for the majority of the
menial and potentially dangerous tasks (they abhor physical threats).

Gruntah - Think wombat-centaur-like critters with a coat of fine
whiskery red feathers, 3 pairs of legs, 360 degree field of vision, and
articulating dorsal armour plates under the skin. They are largely
nomadic and not very technologically advanced. Due to some not very
stirling human behaviour they're not on the best of terms with the human
inhabitants of their world.

Horocca - Highly intelligent ursoid species that are naturally very
impetuous, intelligent and accepting. Not very aggressive, but they
learn fast when put upon by others...

Shlandarsh - This xeno-nation contains two species. The dominant Sssstck
(aquatic elongate reptilianoid species) who are environmentally
conscious,  wary, ruthless, expansionist, and aggressive with a combat
oriented culture. And the octopus-like Tptp who live mainly on land and
don't seem quite as "angry" as the Sssstck, but they can still hold
their own.

The Sa'Vasku are also kicking around, but more in a "they came and
kicked our human butts and left again" sense. 

There is/was a gzg-aliens list but it was never very active (not sure if
you knew of it/ were on it Scott). There were a few good ideas that came
up there though and if you're interested I could dig up the posts I



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