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Re: India, GZG-style (LONG)

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:47:44 +1100
Subject: Re: India, GZG-style (LONG)

G'day Noah,

Looks pretty good! Only (minor) quibble I'd have is that as a nation for
a wargame it could do with a few more fights ;)

I may be leaning to the blood thirsty side and I don't know a heap about
the region, but what if they openly came to blows a bit with the ESU
before bowing down or if they got swindled by the NAC or something "yeah
we'll help... oops bigger problem over here right now". If you want to
play up on the tension with no actual major actions then I'd opt for
spelling out so more of the internal division (as some one else
suggested), you hint pretty well but actually pointing to the
desperation of the situation would also be good.

As a little mental exercise (Noah feel *very* free to ignore all this I
did it to satisfy my own curiosity *not* becuase I thought you should
take it on board!), for those interested in those basic population
models I did up, having India seperate to the rest of the ESU knocks the
numbers to around

Low figures
ESU    701 million    4 million     705 million 
India  402 million    3 million     425 million

Middle estimate 
ESU    3.4 billion    1.2 billion   4.6 billion 
India  1.5 billion    900 million   2.4 billion 

High estimate 
ESU    6.5 billion    4.1 billion     10.6 billion 
India  3.3 billion    2.9 billion     6.2 billion 

Obviously there is a LOT of wiggle room in these and you can just about
anything you want by tweaking parameters, but feeding in the very simple
assumptions[1] I did for the first round of major power modelling this
is what you get as ball park. Given the latest UN pop news we're more
likely to be between the middle and low estimates, but for scenario
generation and having reasons for conflict the middle or between the
middle and upper may be more what you're after.



[1] Assumptions - for those who are very interested or trying to cure
their insomnia

Low estimate assumptions = space travel is restricted, terraforming is a
slow process, society suffers from the aging problem and AIDS etc,
though I skipped major natural disasters, a collapse of the ecosphere
due to mismanagement and a full on population crunch as I don't think
we'd have time/economies left to turn to the stars so quickly in that

Middle estimate = pretty middle of the road on all assumptions

High estimate = you would have to be able to pack them into ships like
sardines, have fleets on constant turn around to garden planets and
out how to have artificial wombs or multiple births or huge support
to get this one done

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