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Re: [FT] Memo to St Jon

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 20:44:49 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] Memo to St Jon

Alan Brain replied to Eric Fialkowski:

> >Parts:
> >1x FT-407 Si'Tek Patrol Cruiser
> >1x Weapon "sponson" from either FT-410 or FT-412

IOW the standard long "K5" gun from any of the Kra'Vak non-carrier
(FT-409, 410, 411, 412 and 431/431A)

>Memo to Jon : What about making this an "official kit", possibly by 
>frommaging one of the
>molds? Maybe one where the detail to be removed has already lost its 

It'd be a nice addition to the range, yes... though knowing the
between how much work it'd take to make a piece good enough for the 
player's own miniatures conversion (a few minutes if you have a Dremel
similar; less than 15 minutes if you do it by hand - yes, I've done some

very similar kitbashes too) and how much it'd take to make a metal or 
styrene piece I'd want to use as a master model for commercial casting,
very much in favour of simply supplying a standard cruiser main hull and

letting the player do his own metalworking! :-/

(The main detail to be removed from the hull spar (ie. the central 
transverse bit on which the guns and bridge are mounted) is one of the
solid details on the entire piece, so if it has lost its crispness the
of the mould is most likely shot to hell already - but you don't want to

modify existing moulds anyway, particularly not by *adding* material to 
them (you'd need to fill in the depression that would otherwise cause
detail to form). If you want a purpose-cast piece for this model you
much need to either modify an existing metal piece to serve as the
for a new mould, or preferrably build an entirely new master model out



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