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UNSC design

From: <chedburgh@t...>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 11:03:58 +0000
Subject: UNSC design


Hi folks, my first time posting.

Iíve just been buying some UNSC ships (given the special offer etc) as I
really like the look of them, very spaceship like! So, I thought Iíd
seek out some opinions on my ideas for them as no supplement is
available for them. Iím guessing this has been discussed many times

As a design philosophy, I had reckoned on having the ships tipped in a
defensive role, screens and extra hull plating, with only a few ships
designed as purely offensive (strike force ships). I thought a defensive
role would fit with some of their back-story Ė policing the core

Iíve read that people tend to think of the UNSC fleet as technologically
well off, so I figured I would also add a little extra mass to be used
on each ship, to increase the NPV over the average for other human
ships. This gives me an above average cost and mainly defensive role

For a colour scheme, I had planned to paint them very very light grey
(neutral colour), with patches of light blue (current peacekeeper helmet
colour) over the main body. Some black for fuselage etc. 

As Iím still fairly new to FT (I have a NSL fleet thought), I was hoping
to get some comments or input from others who use the UNSC fleet and see
if my above ideas sound sensible enough to give the fleet a UNSC feel.


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