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Re: [SG2] AGL vs SAW

From: FlakMagnet72 <flakmagnet@t...>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 12:25:26 -0500
Subject: Re: [SG2] AGL vs SAW

On Tuesday 28 October 2003 11:35 am, wrote:
> In a message dated 10/28/03 9:54:33 AM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
> > Think of the AGL as an HMG that shots things that go BOOM.	This is
> > area effect weapon, the chance to hit is based on HE effects, not
> > hits by individual rounds (really bad for the receiving team). 
> > should be better
> > than a SAW, more powder behind the round.
> >
> > Michael Brown
> In modern parlance the US GL is attached to the barrel of an assault
> and bloops rounds out to about 300 meters. The AGL version (the Mark
> AGL) is a heavy weapon meant for a tripod or a vehicle mount. The
> is higherpowered than the simple GL round, but its range is really
> about double to 600 meters or so. The SAW on a bipod can be accurate
to at
> least 800 meters, maybe a thousand.

The Mk19 is accurate on area targets (it's firing grenades after all) to
much higer range than just 600 meters.	

I've personally peppered designated area targets with multiple rounds
out to 
1200meters, and the weapon is "offically" rated for area targets out to

Now if you're focusing on the effective range of the Mk-19 on POINT
you're killing flies with a hammer.  It's the wrong weapon for that 
application.  The Mk-19 is a "close enough" weapon by it's very nature
chucking grenades.

The Mk-19 fires on a very slow velocity.  If you position yourself
behind (in 
front is discouraged) the weapon in line with the barrel and watch
you can actually see the round moving away from you as a dark blur.

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