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FMA/Skirmish: Assault

From: Damond Walker <damosan@c...>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:57:45 -0500
Subject: FMA/Skirmish: Assault

Played a game of FMA over the weekend and we had a question about close 

The way we played it went something like this:

Initiating close-combat took the entire turn (both activations).  If 
you made it into base to base contact with one activation you could 
attack that turn.

If it took both activations to move into base to base than you could 
not perform an attack that turn.  But the models were locked in combat 
for the next turn -- each model would only get one attack for the turn 

We toyed with letting the attacked model move away from the attacker if 
they were charged but not physically attacked that turn.  This was 
assuming there was a path to retreat to -- if there wasn't enough room 
to move the model's base away due to terrain (or whatever) then the 
model couldn't move away from the attacker.

Any advice on how to handle assaults?  How is close-combat performed in 
your skirmish games?

For the next game I'm toying with making motivation checks to 
charge/accept the charge and using combat moves.


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