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[FT] MT target designation aid

From: "Matt Tope" <mptope@o...>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 11:31:16 -0000
Subject: [FT] MT target designation aid

Hi all,

Just a quick question regarding MT missiles, how do they operate vs
scatteguns...only kidding, only kidding, I've seen the archive, lets not

Seriously though, I have been using these babies a lot recently and as a
result the degenerate decadent imperialist capitalist powers I have been
rightouesly smitting are comming up with all sorts of defensive measures
tactics, such as weasel and decoy craft. This propmpted me to consider a
type of missile with a target designation package rather than a
warhead. The idea is that it can designate targets for missiles
I figure that the designator missile can paint one target within 6mu (at
players descretion, does not have to be the closest target to the
designator). All other missiles with 6mu of the target can then attack
designated target by-passing closer targets. This would allow for
attacks against key targets at long ranges (when no CEP's remain for
secondary burns) and to help penetrate weasel/decoy defences.

Has this been done before, if so is it "fair" in terms of game


Matt Tope

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