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GZG Slammers

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 17:26:15 -0600
Subject: GZG Slammers

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Subject: [15mmSciFi] Mini Dungeon project & GZG Slammers
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 22:23:25 -0000
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Hi all had a look at the Pendraken Mini Dungeon in the resin today.
Even though its for 10mm and "stone" walls it could be useful for  a 
cyberpunk style game as a sewer or celler system. The wall tops are 
about 22mm high from the floor, giving plenty of height for 15mm 

I bought a furniture pack, not much use for sci-fi but pretty good 
for 15mm fantasy if you raise up the tables etc, a nice amount of 
cartoony detail.

The Dungeon monsters could also be used very well for Alien 

I also pick a a few packs of Hammers Slammers both with and without 
visors and the Islamic figs in Keffayahahahah	(i acn't speel)

Slammers: 6 poses in the packs I got, 17mm from sole to top of 
helmet. Slightly less chunky than previous figures in the 15mm 
range, great facial detail on them, one has even got a RAF 
moustache. VERY nice figures. I'll try putting them on the scanner 
this week, although they might need an ink wash first to show the 

Does anyone know who the sculpter is? Is it a new one, or is it the 
same one just getting better?

I just wish he would do the hover bikes in 15mm too.

Till later


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