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[FT] Reasonance Weapon

From: Noam Izenberg <noam.izenberg@j...>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 09:36:03 -0400
Subject: [FT] Reasonance Weapon

Looking back over the Resonance Field Generator in the WDA, Its a nice 
concept (IMO, but far too complex in application, and hard to balance. 
Here's another version.

Resonance Field Projector:

A ship may only fire one RFP on any given turn (though it may mount 
more than one)
Each ship with an RFP targets a point in its firing arc (max range 24 
MU)  when activated. At least 2 RFP's must target the same point for 
the effect to begin. Mark the target location with a die or counter 
indicating the number of converging RFP's (increment the number for 
each RFP added over the course of the combat phase).
At the end of the combat phase - after all other fire has been 
resolved, determine RFP effect:
Area of effect = radius in MU equal to number of converging RFP's
Damage = All ships within area of effect take 1-number of converging 
RFP's damage in beam dice. Rerolls apply, but reroll damage does not 
penetrate armor. Screens/shrouds work as normal. Fighter 
groups/missiles in area of effect take the same number of dice, but 
suffer losses of 1 missile/fighter on each 5 or 6.

Possible additional limitation: No other weapons (from a given ship) 
may fire in the same arc as the RFP.
Possible additional limitation: RFP can only be fired every other turn.

My feel for this is that the RFP should cost on the order of a class 2 
beam. Its power does not scale linearly, though - multiple converging 
RFPs are much more powerful than the equivalent mass of class 2 beams, 
but there are other inherent limitations

Hi, Large Bronze Apeman    (Noam Raphael Izenberg  -   I knew she was 
trouble from the start. She always fell for the tall, dark, and hairy 

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