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FYI: A Suprisingly Good Sci-Fi Book

From: "Jalinth" <jalinth@k...>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 03:13:15 -0400
Subject: FYI: A Suprisingly Good Sci-Fi Book

First, to all those Canadians out there : Happy Thanksgiving.

Secondly, I picked up Halo: The Fall of Reach (Based on the X-Box FPS)
the used book store for $5. It was one of the better Sci-Fi novels I've
in the last while.

The action was more focused on Ship to Ship battles rather then ground
combat, which I found surprising, as Halo is a FPS not a Ship Sim. I
revel anything about the plot here, but the battles were rather good. I
finally have respect for MAC users. :-) In fact the Magnetic Accelerator
Cannons from the last battle would make the Kra'vak turn... some colour
envy :-) For those who have read the book: Any idea what Class of K-gun
Super MACs would be?

Sure, it was not Honor Harrington, but a worthwhile read nonetheless.

Also I just read "The Rock Rats" by Ben Bova, a near-ish future novel
focused on mining the Asteroid Belt. It was really good. Anyone know
the next book in the series is called?
Has anyone done any conversions to FT involving early space exploration,
where mining lasers are jury rigged and used against other ships?

Finally anyone have any other books they want to suggest to the other
readers on the list?
Everything ever written by David Weber and John Ringo might be a good
to start :-)

for some great book 1s and 2s

Night all
"If he was totally nuts, but still won every battle, I'd follow him."
-Anonymous Canadian military officer.

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