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[FT] Battlefield set-up

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 21:03:18 -0400
Subject: [FT] Battlefield set-up

This is purely about cinematic FT.  A few months ago, I wrote offlist:

>2.  Battlefield Set up
>  "roll 1d6 and add DRMs:
> + lowest thrust in your squadron
> +1 or 2  for Enhanced or Superior sensor on your side
> +1 for each level of stealth or ECM on the least stealthy/ECM'd ship
> in your squadron
> + commander skill if using that
> Lower roll sets up heading in direction 12 and specifies his
> speed and whether fleeing (in which case opponent starts at course
> or closing (opponent starts at course 6).  Higher roll subtracts low
> roll; each point of difference can be used to change heading 1 clock
> point or starting speed by 6"/turn."

One of the comments was:
> would like it even better if you could split the fleet into
> independent squadrons which roll separately.

  And it appears, from other comments that I've heard, that "Mass your
forces into one big fist and bash away" is a favored tactic.   I can
see why that would be efficient and popular, as splitting your forces
invites defeat in detail.  But are there tactics for which you would
enter the board with your forces split?

("Split" here means "separated by at least 12mu and maneuvering
separately".	I'm not talking about contrived scenarios ("your
squadrons will rendezvous at Point X, but you find a BadGuy squadron
already there"), and I'm not talking about operational-level reasons
("Squadron A raids Mars, squadron B attacks shipping, squadron C
attacks Titan naval base"), I'm talking about setting your ships on
the table.)

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