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RE: Firing initiative.

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 09:30:35 +1100
Subject: RE: Firing initiative.


> Firing Initiative:
> Fire control systems will be available at different levels, 
> probably just levels 0-3...
> Each player rolls a die and keeps that number for his entire 
> fleet (or a die could be rolled per ship to player's preference)
> as their initiative score...
> Each FC system's rating will be added to that roll in order 
> to determine the order in which that FC system will be able to
> fire. The highest combined score (Init roll + FC Level) fires
> first and proceeds in descending order 
> until all firing is resolved... 
> In the event of two ships having the same FC score then they 
> must roll dice to determine which ship(s) fire first out of the
> ships that tied.

Could also have a stack of numbered cards at this point (shuffled each
turn) and just pull from those to see the order for tied ships, migth be
faster and gets away from needing larger dice and potentially more tied

Alternatively do away with the dice rolling altogether and have four
stacks of cards (one each for FC level 0 - 3), in the level 3 stack have
low number cards only, in the level 2 stack have a few low numbered
cards but stack it mostly with middle of the range numbers, level 1
stack a few low and middle of the range and mostly high numbers and for
the level 0 stack have a few low/middle/high but mostly top of the range
numbered cards. Then shuffle each turn and pull a card from the
appropriate stack, the number on the card is the initiative number. This
system would be even simpler if you dropped the idea of different grades
of FC and all just pulled from a single stack (I think someone else here
already does that).



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