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Re: Firing initiative.

From: FlakMagnet72 <flakmagnet@t...>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 16:30:38 -0400
Subject: Re: Firing initiative.

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 3:07 pm, wrote:

> For small battles this is okay; for large battles, you may want to
make a
> ship list and determine everyone's initiative in advance for the whole
> battle, then just read down the list each turn.  Or determine
initiative by
> squadron rather than by individual ship.

That's a decent suggestion.  Smaller ships that tend to get organized
squadrons probably ought to be done that way anyway.  Thanks.

> If you're doing simultaneous damage, instead of using an X in the hull
> boxes as tehy're destroyed, use the turn number so you can see what
> thresholds you need to check.  For instance, if you're in turn 3 and
> hull track is marked:
> 11222
> 22333
> 33333
> 3ooo*
> then when you finish Turn 3 and check the thresholds, you can easily
> that this ship took two thresholds this turn.

That's a durned good idea too.	Between the cards idea Mike suggested
and your 
turn-tracking notes this will probably work out to involve very little 
additional book-keeping.

Thanks again!

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