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Re: Firing initiative.

From: FlakMagnet72 <flakmagnet@t...>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:18:25 -0400
Subject: Re: Firing initiative.

On Tuesday 07 October 2003 2:20 pm, Oerjan Ohlson wrote:
> Flakmagnet wrote:
> >Each player rolls a die and keeps that number for his entire fleet
(or a
> > die could be rolled per ship to player's preference) as their
> > score. Each FC system's rating will be added to that roll in order
> > determine the order in which that FC system will be able to fire. 
> > highest combined score (Init roll + FC Level) fires first and
proceeds in
> > descending order until all firing is resolved.
> This is very similar to Silent Death's initiative system. In games
> large numbers of ships, the initiative tracking becomes... impressive
> Regards,
> Oerjan

If by impressive you meant "onerous" I can see how it would become so. 
In large games, we'll probably fall back to simultaneous fire for

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