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Firing initiative.

From: FlakMagnet72 <flakmagnet@t...>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 13:19:55 -0400
Subject: Firing initiative.

I didn't like the "back and forth" of firing described in FT so my
group has been playing that all fire is simultaneous.  This way each
fires all of their ships then the next player fires all their ships
ones that might have been damaged otherwise incapacitated that turn.

This past Friday while discussing "stuff" over a game of FT I came up
with the 
following idea(s) for firing initiative in FT:

Firing Initiative:
Fire control systems will be available at different levels, probably
levels 0-3.  Lvl 0 FCs will be standard cost and mass.	Level 1s will be

double cost of a level 0, levels twos triple cost, etc while the mass
the same.  Higher level FC systems represent better/faster computers
used to calculate firing solutions, NOT more accurate fire.  I'm not
to tinker with the probabilities of a hit.  *grin*  The mass remaining
same makes sense to me as the size of computers (at least nowadays)
change that drastically as the computers get exponentially faster,
getting smaller.

Each player rolls a die and keeps that number for his entire fleet (or a
could be rolled per ship to player's preference) as their initiative
Each FC system's rating will be added to that roll in order to determine
order in which that FC system will be able to fire.  The highest
score (Init roll + FC Level) fires first and proceeds in descending
until all firing is resolved.  If players opt to roll per-ship, the
which die 
is used can be decided based on the size of the game.  Large games ought
use a die with more sides to allow greater variation and fewer duplicate


In the event of two ships having the same FC score then they must roll
dice to 
determine which ship(s) fire first  out of the ships that tied.

Firing results is immediate so if you lose a system before you fire that
then you miss out on using it at all.  

Chances are, something like this has been suggested by someone else.  If
I'd like to read (and possibly steal) their ideas, so please provide me
a link!  *grin*

"Who draws his sword against the Prince,
best throw away the scabbard." early 17th Century English Proverb

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