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Idle Full Trek thoughts

From: Noam Izenberg <noam.izenberg@j...>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 12:01:07 -0400
Subject: Idle Full Trek thoughts

Having recently seen ST: Nemesis, and thinking about the general 
incongruities between shield-dominated Trek and damage dominated FT, I 
have the following un-tested, zero-order thoughts for emulating Trek 
with FT. I have not checked the archive to see if anything similar has 
been put out.

All ships automatically have "Shields" (or shield equivalent) equal to 
total hull+armor. Shield points are divided evenly as possible between 
4x90 degree quarters - Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard (like FT2). Yes, shield 
and weapon arcs are different.

FT-Screens (if used) operate on a 'layer' outside shields. Armor is 
inside shields.

For incoming damage:
Apply screen effects first (if any).
_All_ damage is then applied to the appropriate shield facing. This 
includes K-gun and other penetrating damage.
No damage gets to the ship until the shield in that facing is reduced 
to zero.
Damage that gets through the shield is applied as normal to armor/hull 
depending on source.
(Example a 6 point K-gun hit on a ship	with 3 shield, 3 armor, 6 in 
first hull row would have the shield downed, 1 point off armor, and 2 
points off hull.

Any time hull damage is taken (per attacker/source, _not_ per weapon), 
the damaged ship rolls a threshold equal to its level.
i.e. any damage to the first hull row results in a threshold roll at 
6+. Damage that completes a hull row is treated normally, even if it 
takes of part of the next row.

Screens "recharge" 25% per turn (round up) if the ship is in the first 
damage row, 20% if in the 2nd or 10% if in the 3rd or higher row. - 10% 
if that shield arc has ever been reduced to zero. [ Recharge numbers 
could differ depending on how tough you want shields to be - i.e. 
50/25/15 (-15)]

Shield generators: 1 per ship, 1 per facing (4 total), or 1 generator 
(core system?)+4 projectors
Diverting power to shields:
- Preplotted: Main drive is diverted to shields. Maneuver of 1 point is 
possible. Shield boxes are is multiplied by 1.5 or 2 for this turn only
-In combat: If the ship has not yet been activated, power from weapons 
may be diverted to shields. +1 shield point per 3 mass of weapon 
diverted in the arcs chosen by the player. Diverting power activates 
the ship, and remaining (undiverted) weapons etc., are fired at this 
- Even if a shield is at zero in one facing, unless the generator is 
also damaged (assuming you're using generators), diverting power can 
get some shielding in that arc.

Certainly not recommended for engagements or large numbers of ships, 
but it is intended to capture the feel of trek battles a little better 
than standard FT. In Trek, the shield is the pretty much the be-all 
end-all of the battle - While it's up, you're golden, but if it's down 
you're almost as good as dead.

Amber Zone Gin	(what Noam Izenberg drinks when visiting the Zone) 

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