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RE: [FT] Cloaking Device. was: Sub systems

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 17:39:54 +1000
Subject: RE: [FT] Cloaking Device. was: Sub systems

I think this idea can be simplified down more.	(and possibly be used
the "Looking Glass" mode from LOS' Rot Hafen Saga).

Cloaking systems cost/mass as per FTFB1.

Each Cloaking system has a reserve battery power equal to the mass of
ship (ie: a 200 mass ship with 2 cloaks has 400 battery power). 
can be recharged while uncloaked by diverting power from the unused MD
to the batteries (ie: MD4 for this ship recharges at 40 power per turn

While under cloak, a ship expends battery power as follows:
Drive power equal to the mass of the drives used (ie: 5% per MD thrust
Weapons use power equal to the mass of the weapon fired (including ammo
missiles etc).
Each other system uses power equal to it's mass while in use.

Deep Diving (full cloak):  The ship drops off sensors and uses the full
Cloaking rules from MT (# turns under cloak declared etc).  No power
expenditure except for MD is allowed (and must be prewritten as per MT

Periscope Depth ("Looking Glass"):  The ship moves on the table as
expending power as above.  It can be targetted by ships with Enhanced or
Superior Sensors as normal.  Ships with only firecontrols active can
launch ordinance weapons (SML/Plasmabolts etc), unless the cloaked ship
fired non-ordinance weapons itself this turn.

Changing from one mode to another:  Ships changing from Periscope depth
Deep Diving are treated as Periscope depth for the remainder of the turn
(and cannot fire that turn) they declare so in their written orders and
drop from sensors to use the MT cloak rules.  When changing from Deep
to Periscope depth, the cloaked ship cannot fire on the turn it changes
mode.  Any change of mode takes 5% of the ships mass in battery power. 
the battery runs out, the ship automatically drops out of cloak and
fire weapons on that turn due to the unplanned status change.

This shouldn't require any extra tables or specials to be learned.  All
figures are based on normal FT masses/percentages.

'Neath Southern Skies -
[sstrike] Raider Fleet of War Leader Kel'em'all

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