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Ship Creator

From: "Thomas Barclay" <kaladorn@f...>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 02:39:39 -0400
Subject: Ship Creator

First thought:
Wow! Nice job Andrew! Quite a lengthy and 
involved, and impressive, piece of work. From 
someone who has a good idea what is involved 
in producing such an item (live to code, code to 
live), a rousing round of cheers! Looks like 
smashing work and I can't wait to try it out. 

>From Laserlight's 0.02 :
Andrew, the genius behind the Full Thrust 
Ship Creator, said:
> Oh, sorry Laserlight, but I don't think I'll 
be able to realize your
> Scanner request, I just couldn't get it =P

You know, given some of the neurons some 
of out list members have,
future civilizations will probably thank you  
for leaving it out.

----> Tomb replies, tongue firmly in cheek:
My comment here is why would you restrict 
that to "future civilizations"? Given the 
neurons _you_  possess, my inestimable 
friend Laserlight, I'm fairly glad it has been 
omitted _now_. Unless of course you don't 
consider current day Ottawa civilized, but 
that's another debate entirely. :) 

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