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Re: FT-Subs?

From: Randall Joiner <rljoiner@m...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 12:43:32 -0700
Subject: Re: FT-Subs?

The Free Cal-Tex that I play has been experimenting with "subs" lately.  

Their evolution:
Tried cloaking device as per rules, but found that it feels a bit
difficult, but alot of fun.  I self limited to ships at or under 25
with point costs doubled (total cost, doubled) for thier experimental
(Yes, I double the cloak device too).  No, this really isn't balanced,
made me feel better about using them... :)  ECM is totally inaffective,
would Stealth if used (at least for now).

I load mine with a class 1 or 2, and MT missles.  The MT's (Nuke, 2d6
damage) feel right to me, with the right amount of damage (crippling or
even destroying most commerce ships, destroyers and lower)

I felt the cloak was realistic enough, as subs, when running deep
see, and periscope depth (with the advent of radar) was viewable by the

Some tinkering, yet to be tested:
While cloaked, subs can't fire, but the enemy can find and attack them
Sensor role to "discover" they are there:  Standard sensors, 5-6.
Enhanced: 4-6, Superior 3-6
Sensor role to target while cloaked: Standard: 6.  Enhanced: 5-6 
4-6  Role per firecon.	If you have a "lock" then you can fire any or
weapons.  However, they are at +18 MU's for range.  Minus 6 MU's per
firecon after the first.
Note:  The + MU's is added to the current range...  Thus a destroyer
with 2
firecons, that has locked in on a sub that's 10 MU's away, with both
firecons, is at 22 MU's with respect to weapons range that can attack,
dice to role when attacking.   

I use the "declare # of turns of cloak" with the only difference that
turn they are "uncloaked" they can choose to remain so.


At 11:20 AM 7/28/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I was just wondering if anybody uses subs, and how do you play/design
>I was thinking of either using a cloaking device, or ECM to allow them
>hide in a system, and take pot shots at merchantmen etc. Equiping them
>a Cl.1 bat and a P.Torp (or a missile) with a single PDS would be
>against merchantmen while being cheap.  Just thinking of a way to make
>ships useful in a strategic sence in comercial warfare (like the wolf
>in WW2).
>Any ideas for this?

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