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Re: [FT] WotW #11 Stealth Systems - review

From: Charles Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 18:26:36 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] WotW #11 Stealth Systems - review

Well, its god a bit quiet on this one - but the thread on FT-Subs is
kind of relevant.

Thinking about it, I'd group stealth etc. technologies into two main

Stealth Technology
This gives the ship a Stealth Level of 1 to 3, which has the following
Effective Range Multiplier is how much the distance between the stealth
ship an an attacker is increased for reasons of determining weapons
Fighter/Missile Lock-on is the range of fighter attacks or missile
lock-ons when attacking a stealthed ship (based on a standard range of
6mu, if using reduced ranges in Vector, reduce these numbers

Level of Stealth	Effective Range Multiplier	Fighter/Missile
1			x1.33				4.5 mu
2			x1.5				4 mu
3			x2				3 mu

With regard to sensors, the effects are as follows:

Level of Stealth	Sensor Silloette
1			halved
2			quartered
3			1-eighth

There are two main types of Stealth Technology:

Stealth Hull - this uses hull geometry and special sensor-absorbent
materials to defeat sensors.
Each level of Stealth Hull uses 5% of Hull MASS and costs 9 points per
MASS. The stealth system is represented by a number of icons equal to
the level, placed on the right hand end of the hull damage tracks, as

Level of Stealth	Hull Track
1			2nd
2			2nd & 3rd
3			1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

When all of a hull track is crossed off, the stealth effect associated
with it is lost, and may not be repaired.

Stealth System.
This uses a 'sensor nullifier' field generator instead of hull
The mass & cost is the same, but the stealth icons are not placed at the
end of the damage tracks, and make threshold rolls normally.

Should the costs be modified to represent the changes in the way the
systems are lost to damage?

Examples of Stealth Technologies:
Noam's Stealth Hull
Noam's Stealth System
Mimbari Jammer (treat as a stealth system level 3)
Blind Field (treat as a stealth system level 3 that also affects the
carrying ship - say reduce the mass to 10% of hull MASS, which the cost
remaining 9 times the mass of the system?)

The other main group is Cloaking technologies, which I will discuss in
a later message.


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