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[FT] Full Thrust Ship Creator Version 2

From: "Andrew Ayres" <ftshipcreator@b...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 22:16:51 +1000
Subject: [FT] Full Thrust Ship Creator Version 2

Hello again all,
For those who are interested in seeing what the new version of the FTSC
look like, I have put up 3 screenshots, 1 of each part of the ship
These are at

So far you can:
 *Easily place systems, simply click the one you want from the toolbar,
click where you want it.  If it is a system with arcs or other
holding down control will place a duplicate of the last one you created,
saving you the trouble of configuring the system again.
 *You can copy a system you have already placed and paste it, complete
its settings (arcs, etc).
 *You can select multiple systems and move them all at once.
 *Everything is updated on the fly, unlike previous versions.  Changes
hull size, TMF, etc, will immediately take affect on the SSD.
 *The summary tab gives you a summary of the ship, with optional cost
summary, that can be copied or saved as text or rich text, perfect for
putting in messages on this mail list.
 *Currently has support for Kra'vak, and Phalon, and will have support
your own custom systems, which you can add yourself.  I haven't got
in yet due to the fancy things on their SSD.
 *The SSD can be resized easily to whatever size you need, with a much
larger maximum size, for any really big absolutely crazy ships you want
make (upto 272 hull, and 68 armour - much more for shells).
 *Align to grid and customizable grid size.
 *You can have multiple ships and fleets open at once now, not like the
ship or 1 fleet limit of the previos versions.
 *You can mix tech from different races, or different plugins (which are
what all the systems and weapons are implemented as.

If any one has any suggestions for what else should be in the program,
please send them in.

Oh, sorry Laserlight, but I don't think I'll be able to realize your
Scanner request, I just couldn't get it =P

Well, reading back through it becomes sounding like a sales speel, so
hope I
didn't bore anyone too much.
Andrew Ayres

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