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If this is the case, then they would also, likely, have 
much less endurance. Combat is a quick win or lose 
propisition. As a battle goes on, the greater the
chance for Ro'Kah, but also the greater the chance 
that they will pack up and cut thier losses.

Ambush hunters (as opposed to tracker/stalker hunters)
ususally do not have the ability or will to conduct a 
protracted battle against near equals. Usually if the
trap fails to catch or disable the prey in the first
moments of conflict, the prey will escape and the 
ambush hunters will set the trap for another victim.

I guess the reverse could be just as valid. That once 
they commit to battle, it takes a great effort to 
disengage (even if spent). Such philosophy could come
from an environment with strong, tough, or scarce
prey. If you don't get this Hexamamoth, the next may
not come for days or weeks. Think what if the only
prey for humans was tigers.

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On Fri, 27 July 2001, Glenn M Wilson wrote:

> Would predators (assume the KV are predators for now) tend then to
> them *not* stay still so as to flush prey? 

I got to thinking, in a thread on the playtest list, about the KV's
physiology. It's possible that their whole "adrenalin rage" thing came
hiding and then rushing out to quickly kill a prey that walked past. I
this the "trapdoor spider" mode of hunting.

In this case, they would be really nasty in combat: accustomed to not
except when they need to, and then doing that very quickly and

Allan Goodall -

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