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RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

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Subject: RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

FB2 indicates that they see further into both the IR and UV ranges. It
not indicate, however, a number of details about this.

Do they see equally well in all parts of the spectrum that they can
percieve? Can they do this at the same time or do they concentrate on a
partial range of vision at a given time?

Is thier contrast perception greater or lesser than Human? Broad
may lead to less contrast perception as more of the sprectrum is

Are they psycologically drawn to certain colors. Humans are; note how
eyes are drawn to the color red. This is probably a survival instinct.

Do they have tunnel or wide vision? 

How much does movement attract attention?

What is the "easy" focal lenth of thier vision?

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Glenn pondered
> Hmm, wonder what Kra'vak primary colors are ?
> Maybe Red (blood), White (bone) and ???

Green (skin), pink (circulatory fluid) and purple (nerve/brain tissue)


Which assumes they even see in the same spectrum as humans. Has this
discussed in any of the KV 'backstory' stuff?

Also, IIRC, primary colors were chosen because of their 'primacy' in the
spectrum (and differ from medium to medium) and not necessarily because
species preference. Then again, it's not like there's another species

voiced an opinion on the subject (to my

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