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Re: [FH] About the UN again (sorry Beast)

From: Derek Fulton <derekfulton@b...>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:22:20 +1000
Subject: Re: [FH] About the UN again (sorry Beast)

At 06:41  22/07/01 -0400, Ryan wrote:
>>[ Noel Weer wrote ]Not necessarily. The USA originally grew from a
>>alliance of colonies
>>for mutual defense and trade benefits. I can easily see the UN of the
>>Tuffleyverse growing from similar motivators.
>Apples and Oranges.

How so?

>But the States have a distinct balance of power vs the federal
>The UN and the various nations are not a federal/state form of 
>organization. The UN doesn't have much say in how the NAC operates as a

>Star Nation.

Wasn't the issue of state rights used a justification when the South
from the Union and went to war with the North in the American Civil War?

This could be the next thing in the GZG-verse timeline. The Kravak drive
the core allowed the UN to gain more control as national fleets were 
brought under a unified UN command and tensions were created between the

core and the out lying colonies by the push to pull back the fleets to 
defend the core leaving the rim exposed.

You can assume that humanity survives the First Xeno War (Hey, it's
the FIRST Xeno war right? so that means that someone had be around to
count and fight in at least the second one?) but things won't be the
will they? Has the Xeno War driven humanity closer together? How will 
nations states like the ESU, NAC, FSE, etc respond? Will they accept 
assimilation or rebel? What of the colonies on the rim? Abandoned by the

core in th Xeno War, will they strike out on their own to insure their
future? And course there's the SECOND Xeno War :) perhaps the Sa'Vasku
attack the victor of the First War  to maintain the 'balance' refered to
FB2 (page 21).

Who knows what will come to pass? But it makes for a good wargame ;)


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