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Re: [DS2] Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:44:40 -0400
Subject: Re: [DS2] Multiple and Mixed weapons turrets

At 12:10 PM -0400 7/20/01, Glenn M Wilson wrote:
>But again I figure either the commander has the APSW control with the
>gunner the main gun or they are on the same console.  With the AI
>tracking everything flawlessly behind hills/ridges and through woods
>must be almost a HUD like display for the crew members (how those this
>integrate with the Mark-1 eyeball?)	And implies they have some
>game consoles in their off-duty hours...  AI as smart as it is
>should be calculating threats and possible responses in the background
>while the main processor(s) deal with what the humans are interested
>  YMMV.

If the AIs are that smart, why does the Platoon Leader or an FO need 
to call artillery fire? Why can't the AI's do it while that Eurie 
Tank Btn is in its assembly area?

>But in this abstracted turn and considering the supposed high level of
>that never loses track of a squad that goes into a woods or a vehicle
>that goes behind a hill, I think it would be child's play to figure out
>the parameters for firing two dissimilar weapons (MDC and DFFG) in the
>same turret at the same target.

Again though, different time of flights/bearing angle etc. You're 
still getting two for one in this deal.

>Multiple targets, yes, this is too in game terms (Ryan and I have been
>having an interesting off-line discussion on this topic) compared to
>single turret configurations; but two weapons at the same target
>shouldn't be so difficult if the AI can never lose track of a target
>it is spotted by any unit.  [Guess no one uses ASAT weapons in the
>future...] but I only plan to use these dissimilar configurations in

I have a feeling that what the AI's are seeing is a collection of 
fuzzy data provided by a collection and collation of all the various 
bits of data on Red Force ( and Blue ) dispositions via the networked 
Blue force Sensors. Its still fuzzy data due to time distribution lag 
and errors. Were it not error prone then you'd not need artillery FOs 
at all to land a barrage on the Red Force's C4I units every time they 
went on the air, add to that, counter battery would be trivial.

Also, I imagine Satellites tend to have a short life given fighters 
could pop up there and intercept them fairly easily. We can do it now 
if we really want to. I bet you $10 if Iraq had its own Satellites 
that were theirs exclusively and were using them to track a Carrier 
Battle group for targeting purposes the Airforce would have knocked 
that sucker down.

>local games where a house rule will cover this configuration/situation.
>I know, easy way out but if you come to Saint Louis and play in one of
>campaign based scenarios involving these designs (not all that common,
>IIRC only two forces use them at all and not everything is that way) be
>sure and read the house rule for this.
>Of course if one wants to begin edging ever so slightly into WRG or
>"SFB-DS2" situations you could penalize one or both weapons with a
>modifier... "Grasshopper, that is how the decay starts, one small
>modifier at a time..."

I'd rather integrate other weapons into the basic scheme. Napalm, 
Ripplebombing, Cluster Bombs, Beehive rounds, and Aircraft Gunships 
(Aerospace fighter with side firing weapons that will loiter on the 
table for 2 consecutive turns...)

Speaking of which...Those extras are still on my web site. Some of 
you may remember these from a few years ago. I've only really played 
around with the gun ships, which seem to work really well and seem 
balanced if there is air defense on the table.

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