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Re: [FH] About the UN again (sorry Beast)

From: Derek Fulton <derekfulton@b...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 11:33:41 +1000
Subject: Re: [FH] About the UN again (sorry Beast)

At 02:25  19/07/01 -0400, Ryan Montieth Gill wrote:

>Certainly the UN could gain additional funds this way, however, I
>how the UN would gain levies for staffing requirements if a major power

>decided that it was not in its' best interest to do so. If say the US
>pulled out of the Korean War, it would likely not have worked so well.
>same goes for Britain. The lack of a delaying action by the Glosters at

>the Imnjin alone would have changed the course of the war in short
>Along with this is UN forces engaging other major national forces could

>have a profound affect upon how the UN sustains itself. If say the NAC,

>NSL and FCT all decided that a UN action against the NSL promoted by
>FSE/ESU power block was not going to happen. The sheer number of
>within the UN forces would likely cause serious problems. Add to that 
>other power blocks at odds with the UN. I suspect that the UN of 2183 
>would be slow to decide how to act just like the UN of today is due to
>committee based organization.
>An NAC/NSL/FCT task force with OU support and Israel on the periphery 
>would be far more easily used than one with less than nominally allied 
>nations involved. (Look at Greek and Turk forces in Korea for


Just some thoughts

I think in 2183 the UN is a nation state in it's own right. The fact the

UNSC has it's own miniatures for FT and SG and they are the flash new
too (hard suits and individual plasma weapons) lends credence to this 
assumption. Sure we'd see multi-national fleets under the UN flag in the

GZG-verse, especially when it's a chance to put one over a rival. The
supporting a UN sponsored 'East Timor' exercise (building a nation state

from scratch) at what once was a FSE colony would be one example.

The UN was as probably involved in the 'initial allocation' of
(and probably in the solar system as well) to help ensure 'fair play'
ended up with some holdings itself. This function probably continues 
throughout the time line and the existence of the UNSC means the UN
just be ignored (unlike the present UN).

Claim Jumper: "Sorry pal, we own this planet and it's system of moons.
a hike!"
Colonist: "HEY? what do you mean? we've got the title?"
Claim Jumper: "So? how you going to chase us off, use harsh launguage?"

UNSC: "You there. This is the UNSC battlegroup 'Gaia', power down you
control and move aside. I won't repeat myself!"

Like other nation states the UN is also probably adding to it's
either to keep for itself or 'sell off'. After those UNSC survey
aren't just out there to get picked off by a passing alien speices :)

In the future, (the GZG-verse anyway the) the UN goes cap in hand to
no-one ;)


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